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 Tools, products, workshops, events and nature walks to deepen your personal & spriritual growth

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Enjoy exploring stones, crystals, incense, candles, meditation tools, books, CD's banners and more at our metaphysical store. Use the many "tools" to expand your spiritual growth and journey.

Reflection Sites

Take a walk in nature along the winding trails and meditation sites at the Lightways Barn site on Gilmore Rd. Treat yourself to a spiritual retreat.

Events & Classes Calendar

Explore your own personal journey and development through the diverse class, workshops and events. Join our calendar 2015 to build and deepen your spiritual practice and meditation. 



Lightways Spiritual Retreat Lake Ontario (click)

The Havest Connection, Honoring Sacred Earth & Water
Fri, Sept 18-Sat, Sept 19

6508 and 6504 Shore Acres, Hilton NY 14428
Ontario State Parkway & Walker Lake Ontario Rd (Rt. 260)

We are excited to offer a 2nd lake side overnight spiritual retreat. The theme is The Harvest Connection, Honoring Sacred Earth and Water. Fall and harvest are a time to reap what the summer has brought and prepare for the coming winter, so a quiet time for reflection and personal growth.

Location is north of Hamlin, 20 min. from Rochester.  There are several options for attending; all sessions & overnights, all sessions & no overnight, and Fri night only.  Link to registration coming!

Water, It's Great Power, Dr.Frances Carns, (Fri night speaker)  $35.00

Full Retreat (Fri,Sat) $150.00

Saturday Only $115


5:30-6:30pm  Check in, get settled

6:45pm           Welcome

7-9pm             Water: It’s Great Power! (The Ebb & Flow of Life & Water)

                      Dr. Frances Carns, ND, Angels at Work Healing Center, Spencerport, NY

9-10pm           Bonfire & Snack


7-7:45am       Morning Meditation on the Beach, Judith Andrew

8-9am             Breakfast

9-10:30am     Qigong and Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation,  Usha Shah

10:30-10:45am Break & Snack

10:45am-12:30 pm  Spiritual Healing: Fear, Addiction, Meditation, Liberation &

                        Language, John Mosher, Spiritual Counselor & Teacher

12:30-1:30     Lunch (vegetarian & meat)

1:30-3pm       Open Release Meditation:  Deepening Your Spiritual Namaste Connection

                        Kim Williams, Psychic Medium, Reader, Spiritual Teacher

3:15-4:30p     Group & Massage Drumming, Jeff Mann

4:30-4:45p    Closing, Judith Andrew

 Cost: $150.00

 Pictures from the June Retreat are posted on Facebook, Lightways Community & Lightways Journey



End of August & September at Lightways Community

Enjoy your summer with the variety of classes at Lightways!  

Descriptions are on the calendar page and 2015 classes page

Wed, Aug 19, 6:30-8:30 pm, Awakening to Spirit, Kim Williams, $20

Wed, Aug 19, 7-9pm, What is Integrated Energy Therapy®  FREE Information Night!

Thurs, Fri, Aug 20, 21, 27, 28, 11am-5pm, John of God Crystal Healing Bed, Bonnie Sandera, 45 min session/$65, by RESERVATION ONLY, few spots left, call!

Wed, Aug 26, 7-9 pm, Munay-ki Shamanic Healing Rites, Bonnie Sandera, $25, at the BARN

Wed, July 29, 9:30-11am, Morning Meditation, Judith Andrew, $15 at the Lake

Thurs, July 30, 6:30-9:30pm, Meditation & The Art of Zentangle, Robin Marshall, $35, supplies included. Learn this ancient art form of meditation. You will be guided through the meditation and drawing. No art experience necessary! 

REMEMBER, you MUST Register for your class!


Thurs, Sept, 3 11am-5pm, John of God Crystal Healing Bed, Bonnie Sandera, 45 min session/$65, by RESERVATION ONLY

Sat, Sept 12, 10am-12:30pm, A Course in Miracles, Life is Thought, Patti Fields, Helping Children Learn and Live the Teachings of A Course in Miracles, Barbara Adams, 1-3pm. $25 per session or both for $40, BARN

Tues, Sept 15, 7-8:30pm, What is IET? (Integrated Energy Therapy) FREE informational night, find out how you can clear your own energy fields, working with 9 healing angels! We will review the 3 levels of IET Energy Balancing, IET for Pets, IET with the Healing Angels, IET for Kids, and Transformational Classes.

Wed, Sept 16, 6-8:30pm, Shorewood Garden Club at the BARN, Homeopathy Talk, John Mosher  CLOSED group, at the BARN

Fri, Sept 18-Sat, Sept 19 Spiritual Retreat on Lake Ontario! The Harvest Connection, Fri, Dr. Frances Carns, $35, Sat only, $115, full retreat $150, Sat, Qigong & Singing Bowl Meditiation with Usha Shah, Your Spiritual Direction with Dr. John Mosher, Connecting to Your Spirit with Kim Williams, Group and Massage Drumming with Jeff Mann. click link in title to register

Tues, Sept 22, 11am-2pm, Recovery & Mindfulness, $10. Open to anyone in recovery, hear testimony, learn and practice mindfulness related to the 12 steps. Bring LUNCH, at the BARN

Wed, Sept 23, The Gentle Art of Zentangle. Robin Marshall, $35 includes pen, paper tile, pencil & shade tool. Many missed the first session and requested a repeat! Learn to RELAX and draw, everyone can do this!!

Sat, Sept 26,10am-5pm, IET & Healing With the Angels, Judith Andrew, $90. Learn about and meditate with the 9 angels of the Healing Energy Field. Learn how to balance, clear and energize your energy centers, clear old "stuff" and experience the joy and peace of working with the AMAZING ANGELS! Bring lunch.

Tues, Sept 29, 6:30-8pm, Book Publishing for Lightworkers, Mary Doughery

for ALL classes/workshops - CALL or EMAIL to CONFIRM!

What is Integrated Energy Therapy®, (IET)?

Lightways Community, 31 Market St.    FREE   7-8:30pm

Wed, Aug 19, Tues, Sept 15, Wed Oct 7

Call 585-484-8738 or email lightwaysjourney@aol.com to make your reservation!

IET trainings and workshops are posted on a new page on our website, here is the link!

These are FREE information nights, explaining IET by Master Instructors, Judith Andrew, Lisa Brown, Kelly Crowe and MaryAnn Geonie.

 IET is an attunement based energy balancing therapy system and guided by 9 angels of the healing energy field. While working with the chakras, IET removes negative and brings in positive emotions into cellular tissue and memory, and works to expand, realign, and restructure the 12-Strand DNA.

IET can be used on yourself, your pets, kids and others. It can used with other holistic techniques, like Reiki or Craniosacral, or perfect as a stand-alone energy therapy system.

Come find out how YOU can integrate IET into your life! FREE Informational Nights! We will discuss several upcoming trainings, Healing with the Angels, IET for Pets, IET for Kids, Basic IET, Intermediate IET, Advanced IET and Transformational IET.

A Course in Miracles Workshops!

Session 1 - Life Is Thought

A workshop based on teachings from A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

Facilitated by Patti Fields      10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

 September 12, 2015  Saturday     $25.00 per session or both for $40.00

Lightways Journey     228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport, NY 14420

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • ·        The relationship between thought and experience
  • ·        How to discern between ego thinking and Wisdom Thoughts and how to choose between them
  • ·       
  • ·        How to identify and release resistance to looking within and changing your mind
  • ·        Practical tools to use in any situation that has the power to restore love and peace

 Note:  You do not need to be A Course in Miracles student to benefit from this workshop.

Patti Fields has devoted the past 15 years to intense study and practice of A Course in Miracles teachings. Since 2005, Patti has been offering classes, workshops, retreats, study groups and spiritual direction for individuals looking to deepen their awareness of their Divine nature and true connection with the Creator. For more information visit: pattifields.com 

Session 2 - Helping Children Learn and Live the Teachings of A Course in Miracles

Facilitated by Barbara Franco Adams     1:00 p.m.  -  3:00 p.m.

 September 12, 2015  Saturday     $25.00 per session or both for $40.00

Lightways Journey     228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport, NY 14420

 Through this interactive workshop, you will gain confidence and skills to actively teach children universal lessons found in A Course in Miracles and other spiritual paths. In this workshop, you will:

  • ·        Learn that you already possess the knowledge to confidently teach children and grandchildren
  • ·        Learn teaching techniques that will compliment your everyday interactions with children and grandchildren
  • ·        Review lessons from A Course in Miracles and learn how to teach these universal spiritual concepts to children
  • ·        Actively engage in exercises to reinforce your confidence and abilities
  • ·        Be inspired by Barb as she plays guitar and sings her song, See With Your Heart

 Barbara Adams is an experienced educator, trainer, ACIM student, singer, songwriter and author of Through Faith and Grace-Helping Children Learn and Live the Teachings of A Course in Miracles©2014. Available for purchase (but not required for workshop participation):

  • Signed copies of the paperback book, Through Faith and Grace-Helping Children Learn and Live the Teachings of A Course in Miracles ($15). Signed CDs of See With Your Heart ($5)

Registration is required:
-         Register for either session:  www.lightwaysjourney.com, lightwaysjourney@aol.com or 585-637-6236
Cost:  $25 per session or $40 for both sessions.

Participants are asked to arrive 10 minutes in advance and bring:
-         ACIM book, if you have one (not required)
-         Paper and pen for note taking
-         Beverage and/or Bag Lunch (if staying for both sessions)


John of God, Crystal Healing Bed  Session 

NEW SESSION ADDED, Thurs, SEPT 3, 11-4pm,

Now Added, Wed-Sat, Oct 21-24. 11-5, a few evening apts available,

call 585-484-8738.

Thursday, August 20, 27, 11am-5pm, Friday, August 21, 28, 12noon-5pm                          

These sessions are filled!

at 31 Market St.    45 min/$60      Bonnie Sandera, Energy Practitioner, Shaman

Call or text 585-484-8738 or email lightwaysjourney@aol.com to schedule your appointment!  Time are filling up fast!   RESERVATIONS ONLY! The response to this has been very positive, many comments include "It was, amazing, I felt very balance and relaxed, "Never been so calm, peaceful and serene!"

The concept of the Crystal Bed, also called crystal bath therapy, was channeled through John of God by the spiritual healing Doctors. It was developed for practical use and incorporated as an important healing modality at the spiritual healing center affectionately known as "the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil."

A Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table. Each of the quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency. Each crystal is aligned above one of the seven human energy centers or chakras. Colored lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colors, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra, ( energy centers of the spiritual and physical body) and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies. The individual receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy.


Ongoing at Lightways Community!

 Judith Andrew, call 585-484-8738

FREE Meditation, Tues and Thurs, 12:15-1pm,

Angel Card Readings, IET (Healing Hands on energy work on the chakras, guided by the angels), Reiki Energy Healing and Mindful Meditation.

Judy's webpage: http://www.lightwaysjourney.com/judith-andrew.html

Kim Williams, call 585-880-8795

Psychic, Mediumship & Tarot Card Readings, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Training, Spiritual Workshops

Kim is also available to host a READING PARY, special summer rate, $80 hr (reg. $100)

Great fun for showers, girls gathering, special events!

Kim's Webpage: http://www.lightwaysjourney.com/kim-williams.html

 MaryAnn Geonie, call 585-315-1812

Deluxe Foot Detox,, soak your feet and WATCH the toxins in your body be released through your feet. VERY cleansing!

Our Store

You can now purchase a wide variety of metaphysical products at 31 Market St and 228 Gilmore Rd. This is the only metaphysical store serving the west side of Rochester. Items include many different stones and crystals, smudging tools, banners, books, CD's, candles, incense, tarot and angel cards, meditation tools, Gaia and Earth Mother items, jewelry and more! 

Classes, Events, Readers

Lightways will continue to support many local people who will be doing  tarot card and angel card readings, energy work (Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Cranialsacral Therapy,Tapping), manifesting, nutrition, psychic development, aromatherapy, herbs, channeling, chakra and meditation classes. Join Lighways Community and Lightways at the Barn, deepening and awakening through a meditation retreat and spiritual retreat. 


Mission Statement & Vision:

Lightways is a natural environment that promotes personal and spiritual growth and contentment. Celebrate spirit through nature!  We are excited to announce our new location, Lightways Community at 31 Market St in Brockport, NY. We are joining A Different Path Gallery and several other small businesses that occupy the old historic builiding. The energy is amazing and perfect with our mission and beliefs. We will offer an expanded store and move a majority of the classes & workshops to the 31 Market St. location. Shop, relax or take a walk at Lightways Journey Barn. Brockport, New York. We offer a natural and peaceful environment that leads to your personal and spiritual growth. We have been in business over five years and bring that experience to support your journey towards a better self. Connect with your deeper and higher self at our  reflection sites, and through metaphysical store items meditation retreat and spiritual retreat.

Facebook: Lightways Community & Lightways Journey

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